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We have transferred the data from the Inland River Record and transformed it into a completely searchable online database with details on more than 3,700 boats. The website uses a platform designed by The Integra Group, a well-respected online software/solutions provider for the barge industry.

The secure site is accessible with a paid subscription. Once logged in, the user can search data by any combination of the following: name, length, width, owner, builder, year built, official number, number of engines, engine make and horsepower. From there, users can refine the search by clicking on any of the result fields.

The site is updated on a regular basis, making it a useful tool for industry professionals, shippers and those looking to perform market research.

Individual Subscription (One-Person Access) = $245/year
*Group Subscription (multiple accounts) = $245 + $50 per person/year
One-Time Search (data provided in Excel) = $95/search 

*Each person within the group will have an individual account with separate logins; however, only one person will be set up as administrator as our point of contact for account updates.

Terms of Use: Please note that if login information is used for more than the designated number of individuals, access to the site will be revoked without refund to the customer. User login data will be viewed regularly to prevent password theft and distribution.

Call 314-241-7354 to order.

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